Monday, July 6, 2009

Butterfly in the sky....

I hung out with some friends today. We ate some decent Chinese Food and reveled in the mediocrity that is Paul Blart: Mall Cop - a movie so stupid, and so horribly put together, that I just couldn't help myself from saying, "this movie is GREAT!"

It really was not, though. The love-intrest was cute; and there were a handful of gags that made me laugh - but not nearly so many as didn't. And most of what made me laugh was unintentional (like these total ninja badasses deciding to pull off a mall heist instead of - oh, I don't know - something that would actually make them some money?)

It's not an avoid at all costs kind of movie; but it was by no means any good.

Back home, and reading - taking a break for you, my semi-interested fans; because I needed to take a break; and I promised myself I would.

Total Recall (important link) is on in the background. It's so f'n crazy how good this movie isn't. I don't know why I can't not watch it every frickin' time it's on.

What I'm reading right now.

Well, maybe not right now; but right now in the general sense of approximately at this time, but maybe a little while ago, or in a few minutes. And not all at once. Holy crap would that get confusing.

Amanda K. Campbell is my buddy's wife. Aside from being a smoking hottie (um... wait - watch what you say, her husband hangs out here sometimes) - she's quite an entertaining writer. I was looking at her LiveJournal today. I love her tags organization.

Dead Until Dark is the first of the Sookie Stackhouse books - the Southern Vampire Mysteries, Book 1, to be exact. Since the True Blood series is so much more fun than that Twilight Abortion (seriously, what do you people see in that shit?), I thought these would be a better read than whatever literary swill Stephenie Meyer managed to vomit out onto the page.

That's unfair. I have a massive ego; and I get really touchy when people that ego makes me believe couldn't hold a candle, are doing so much better than I am primarily because I haven't got off my ass and done it yet. Really, despite what it says about people on the whole, I wish her all the best.

Should I be striving to attain mediocrity so that I'll make the money?

Unlimited Power - Anthony Robbins. It's amazing to me how much of his stuff consists of things we already know, but just haven't acted on. And I'm noticing - the more I act on these things, the more useful they seem, even if they're not going to make my life a fairy tale.

Garfield Minus Garfield is one of the best web comics out there. It's on my daily check for an update list along with XKCD, Penny Arcade, Dinosaur Comics, The Adventures of Dr McNinja, VG Cats, Sinfest (quite possibly the greatest comic of all evers), The Perry Bible Fellowship (which doesn't really update, but hit the Random link), 6 or 7 Popes, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alien Loves Predator, and Russell's Teapot (which hasn't updated in Years; but is well worth the read unless you're a christian).

The Equinox, Volume 1 Number 1. I'm actually re-reading this... again. You cannot comprehend how difficult it is to kneel (or even sit) perfectly still for an hour or more until you've actually tried it. I am regularly tempted of late to say it's just impossible. But The Magic Glasses is really good story.

Okay... I'm done now. Gaming calls - and I am it's bitch. I'm also reading the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, Saga Edition. I wonder if the guys would be interested in playing a party of droids. How about a Hard-Wired Heroes Campaign? Droid Pirates? I really think I've got a good beginning, middle & end for that idea. Hey now! Gotsta go-

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Lez said...

I always felt that calling a friend's wife NOT HOT is rude.


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