Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm not writing... but I should be.

There are a half-dozen things I've been letting get ahead of me instead of writing.

I've played this game a few thousand times. I've beat it twice. I have no clue why I keep coming back for more. Because it's there maybe? I don't want to say that, though - I wouldn't want to compare something as stupid as playing a repetitive video game with - say, climbing a mountain.

Right now, though, I'm trying to get all 100 spray tags, 100% on Pimp, Paramedic, Fireman, and Vigilante missions, 100% with girlfriends, and all the little side-quests (including taking over the whole city for Grove Street - GSF for Life!).

I missed about two seasons - right in the middle of this awesome show (I forgot how damn cute Wade was - pic very relevant). I saw how it started & I saw how it ended; but I missed the whole middle part.

Thanks to the devil-aliens at Hulu, I'm up to and through the first third of Season Three. 's pretty great.

In all fairness to the giantest of all gurus; I wouldn't be trying to write a novel (and get it published by the end of the year) if it wasn't for Anthony Robbin's Get the Edge Series. It's probably why I'll be updating this regularly; but I'm like some kind of self-help junkie. I can't stop listening to this stuff, doing the exercises - applying what I'm learning. Getting my shit together - all that.

Your Mom (nsfw - it's just tasteless porn; and not even good porn)
She's nowhere near as hot as Sabrina Lloyd; but she'll do. Do whatever the hell I tell her to get her fix. Oh! That little whore*.

I've got three or four potentially great ideas for five or six games/campaigns. Really neat ideas - basically things I don't have the energy (or conviction) to write; but think the guys would really enjoy. I spend a lot of time writing notes, scenarios & synopsis for these - plus the half-dozen ideas that come to me every few days.

It's kind of late now, but my plan is to put a couple thousand words on the page tomorrow morning.

*Okay, that bit was uncalled for and I apologize.

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