Thursday, August 20, 2009

Feel free to ignore this post

I haven't written anything longer than 1,000 words in a long time (at least since my last post here). I haven't drawn but one image, and it wasn't very original - though I was happy with it. I don't think I've photographed anything in half-a-year. I haven't listened to any new - or any good music in nearly a year. My Japanese is worse than ever and my German is still atrocious.

I've watched a lot of TV, though. And I've spent a lot of time playing video games I've already beaten, or playing free previews for games I'm not going to purchase. I've collected an - hell, there's no other word for it - awesome amount of trash and dirty clothes in my room. I stopped working out, I haven't been eating; and when I do it's nothing good for me.

I bought a barn for my Farm Town farm on Facebook. I met a very nice girl whom I totally failed to get off with - she went off with a produce guy. She was a smoker anyway. And I still kid myself that I'm picky that way. I wonder if I actually am.

Oh well. I've been spending the day watching movies on Hulu and making a half-assed effort to clean my room (again). I'm off early tonight, and I hope to finish before bed.

I still really believe in the story I'm not working on at the moment. I don't know what's keeping me from going back to it. Mostly television and the internets. I guess that 1,000 word bit at the top was a lie, though. I wrote at least 3K worth of Simon Mercy notes. Changing the format, may make that a viable story to tell.

I wonder what happened to my Electro-verse pages...

Anyway, more to follow.

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