Saturday, March 27, 2010

So, I'm "playing" this new game. It's called Evoke; and it isn't easy (click the title to go to the site). This blog post, or (more accurately) the actions it describes, will earn me one point in a Massive Multi-Player Online Game where players attempt to literally make the world a better place by taking actions in the real world to create lasting changes that effect everyone.

Top players (those that submit an Evokation - a written or video presentation detailing a project you intend to undertake to change the world) are eligible for Online Mentorships with social innovators and business leaders, travel scholarships to the first EVOKE summit in D.C., seed investment to start developing your first social venture, and other EVOKE rewards.

Like I said, though, it isn't easy.

I've had to stop playing other great games, like DDO, Vampire Wars, pretty much all those I took the time to put over there. <---

This post then, is two-fold. I want to tell you about Evoke (go to to take a look and (hopefully) sign up, maybe we can team up on something Huge. The second thing I want to tell you about is my intention for the Project Two - Food Security.

I'm supposed to "increase food security for at least one person in [my] community." How the hell do you do that?

I really don't know. Here's what I've come up with so far.

This is a tiny little organic produce shop, juice bar and deli. It costs $25.00 annually to become a member, but members get a 20% discount on all purchases. The last time I was in there, I learned that you can gain an additional discount by volunteering one (I think it was one) day a week to work there (counter, cleaning, stocking, whatever).
I'm including this because - well - it's local produce so I'm supporting local growers, which helps keep them fed, reduces the drain on the overall resources because the food I'm eating doesn't have to be shipped from god-knows-where (which doesn't help feed someone in my community, but go screw, it helped me make up my mind).
My intent is to bike down there and join up, see if / when I can help out (for more $aving$). That's part one.

Did you know we had our own community garden? Me either. Also, I don't know anything about gardening. Well, I know a little. I had a garden in my backyard at Dad's house in Farmersville. I thought I'd start out as a volunteer member, cleaning up, weeding, etc. When next-year's Box Memberships come up, I can sign up to do some actual growing - eat some and donate the rest to, I don't know, does the St Francis Shelter take food donations like that?
Or maybe... I guess I could offer to make the Box Membership donation in the name of the St Francis Shelter and anyone from the shelter could go there and work the land. That may be a little too "it's a wonderful life."

I could volunteer at the local "wherever there is a soup kitchen," and might even do some good - but Food Security is about the long-haul, not just one or two (or even a few) meals. If anyone else has an idea how I could expand on this, I'm all ears.
How can I - What can I set up to help someone - some people - feed themselves? How the hell do you teach a man to fish?

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