Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tasty and Unfinished

I'm working on some She-Hulk artwork (because why the hell not?), but the first one is maybe half-done; here's a couple pieces from my practically defunct MySpace account.

First up is an Elven Archer I drew (and created for D&D, but never played) with butterfly thing. With the exception of the butterfly wings (I wish I'd given them some detail), I was pretty happy with this one. I gave her some fucking massive Elf Quest ears (which look a little odd on an adult-sized elf hunny), but you love it.

This second one was actually a sketch for an D&D character I played; he was a devotee of Asmodeus and trying like the dickens to become the evil mastermind of the city he lived in. He wore a mask and skulked about at night to hide his evil from the city as a whole. Before I got to draw this image, he was killed off by another PC (who managed to kill off all the other PCs too, the evil bastard). I drew, scanned and colored this about a year ago (a week or two after that elf up there); and just found it in a dusty corner of my hard drive.

I hope it's new to you. Or, at least, you're one of the gamers who was there when Mark dropped the "fuck 'em I'm evil" bomb, and I whacked ya' with a little gaming nostalgia.

Anyway. Savage She-Hulk on her way. Also, I feel kind of bad about not delivering on the Danger Mouse art. I'll give it a shot.

1 comment:

John said...

It's also worth mentioning that that was Mark's first game. Art looks awesome! The ranger chick rocks.


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