Saturday, April 10, 2010

10 Paper Cranes: Goalsetting

An old Japanese legend tells us that someone who folds 1,000 origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane (one of the holy creatures). 1,000 cranes are hung in your home for luck and prosperity, they are given to newlyweds for 1,000 years of happiness. Here's my Thousand Paper Cranes - a physical manifestation of the time-limit I've placed on my short-term goals.

Thousand Paper Cranes updates Saturday. These first couple of posts are probably going to be a rehash of posts I've made in the past. I've known for years what I want out of life, I just haven't always known why I wanted or how I planned to go about getting.

Here are three sets of unreasonable goals, why I want to attain them and something I'm doing today to get them started.
  • Write A Novel. I know I can do this because I've done it once, because it's the reason I'm here. Writing and telling stories is what I'm all about, and when I finish this goal this year, I'll be more fulfilled, more engaged in my chosen life-plan, happier, and probably more interesting - more dedicated to writing, to being published, to becoming a professional novelist. Just going to write 2,000 words before bed.
  • Be fit, get back down to a 32" waist. I'm treating these two goals as one, because I want to be fit and healthy and sexy all at once. If I get my waist down (and my muscles up), I think I can be. I'm totally committed to being in the best physical shape that I can possibly attain, and I know I can do it because I know how far I've come already. I have the tools and the desire to stop being the fat guy - physically and in my head. I am about to knock your fucking socks off by how goddamn fit I'm going to end up this year. Going to clean my room so that I have room to work out.
  • Quit my job, make a living selling jewelry for Mom. Here's another two that tie together. I know mom has the stock that will sell and is worth enough, and I know I only want to make 20K a year doing this so I know it is possible. I have the determination because I'm so excited right now about not working in this or any other bullshit monkey job. I just cannot stand another week of this shit, let alone a year, so I am totally and irrevocably set on this course. I will quit my job and find an alternate source of income (Mom's jewelry, writing, gaming, drawing, the internet - whatever). I am just going to make it happen. Period. Going to call mom and get her to put together what I need once I get the ball rolling, going to get my paypal straight and sign up with eBay.
  • iPhone. iPhone is my word for smart-phone, because it's the touch-screen multi-purpose smart-phone I know; and I bloody hell want one. I am so sick of not having such a cool device. My life could benefit from the versatility and it would just be so fucking awesome to finally have something like this that I set out to own. It would help considerably to cut the tether I've attached myself to. I just... I could keep up with my internets, keep notes for writing, take pictures - three things I most want to do next to drawing, and I could get an iPad for that. Due for an upgrade. Gonna find out (when I call mom) what I'll have to pay once I get one.
  • Motorcycle. I want a motorcycle because I want a fucking motorcycle. Probably the least expensive bike I can find - used or one of those knock-off scooters from Solano, maybe. It'll mean getting my motorcycle endorsement when I get my new license, but so what? I want one because I'm sick to death of having to ride my bike everywhere, of begging for a ride or THROWING MY FUCKING MONEY AWAY ON TAXIS, and I really don't need a car yet. I want a motorcycle because they're cool. They're fun. I just want one, okay? Gonna look around online to see what I'm gonna have to pay.
  • A House. In St. Augustine. This is the most unreasonable goal I've had. I want to own a house in St. Augustine, Florida because it will give me the - what? The appearance of having a solid foundation from which to do all the crazy shit I want to do. Write for a living, draw comics, sell stuff online - all the crazy stuff no one I know seems to think will sustain me - all while traveling the world and just being the general goof-off I'm supposed to be. It'd make people more likely to accept my lifestyle if they know I own my own home. Plus - I'm so tired of feeling like a transient. Gonna start shopping online and probably look at low-income housing and whatnot.
  • 1-Year Financial Goals: Within the next year, I expect to be making $2,000 a month, be paying into a retirement plan of some sort, and have complete medical/dental insurance coverage (including optical). I'm so sick of worrying about whether my next paycheck is going to cover the rent, or whether or not I can buy something to eat because I've got to pay the electric bill, and sad as it seems - $2,000 a month is more than twice what I'm making now and that would be plenty. I'd be so fucking happy making 2K a month I'd shit. It would let me set money aside for retirement, for large purchases and I could afford (finally) full medical coverage, which means I could get my teeth fixed, get new glasses and contacts, and maybe go to a damn doctor every now and again. I'd be so fucking happy I just can't express how much I want this. I have to have this. It's mostly taken care of in the above goals; but I also need to find out what an IRA is, and look at my other options for investment. My current job offers insurance, but since my plan is to be out of there before the end of the year, I need to shop around.
These are the Nine (there are three in the 1-Year finances) most important 1-Year or less goals I've got on my lists. Here are the rest if you're interested:
Write another novel, go vegan again, be on time, Smart Car, speak fluent German, Drawing Studio, Painting Studio, Go to a movie a week (movie-night), speak fluent French, Play the guitar, Start Painting again, Publish a web comic, New Drawing Table, speak fluent Japanese, Write the homeward bound novel, iPad, find love, An Aptera, Finish and Publish Rotworld comic, add some new friends to my life, Ink a comic, get my teeth fixed, go to a Tony Robbins seminar, Pencil a comic, A Car, A Porsche, Travel around the world, A Home in Nevada, become a NYT Bestselling author, A Home in Germany, be clean, Vacation in Egypt, get published, keep my room clean, read 2-dozen books a year, be nicer to people, live in the now, be more fun, workout every day, no more sodas, fold 1,000 paper cranes, swim more, visit Nepal, visit Australia, Live in New Zealand, visit the Louvre, Speak fluent Kiswahili, be someone's hero, Secret Door Bookshelf, New computer desk, new computer, 3D Printer, Sword collection, garden, electric guitar & amp, New laptop, $5,000 a month, give at least $1,000 a year to charity, $100,000 a year, set aside $1,000 a month for all children, nephews and nieces for college, $1,000,000, Never want for money, $10,000,000, Never retire but never need to keep working.


Dj Wright said...

I think I want the HTC Tilt.

John said...

The Secret Door Bookshelf would take care of two goals in one, because then you'd be my hero!

Dj Wright said...

If I can convince Mary and her Dad, I have an idea that it would work here in my room (which has no door anyway). Of course, I also want one in my own house.


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