Friday, April 23, 2010

New Art Thursday: Densjak Tribeslayer

Meet Densjak Tribeslayer, Goblin Wizard, and his familiar companion Bristlepig.

Densjak was something of a magical prodigy, who slew his own wizardly master to take his place as chief shaman and wondermaker of his tribe. But he was an experimenter, forever tampering with the very essence of magic; and his experiments eventually led to the death of his tribe.

All of them. In retaliation, the God of the Goblins marked him (his grey color) and shackled him with the boar - his familiar (a faithful and loyal companion to the end, but the eyes of Maglubiyet no less). He no longer has anything to do with goblinkind (because they attack him on sight, trying to rip out his throat in honor to Maglubiyet), so now he must truck with humans and their ilk - no matter how he despises them.

Densjak was a character concept I came up with some time ago, but never got to play. I wrote a short tale about his "fall;" it never went anywhere. He became an NPC, but with 4th Edition, I'd sure like to give him a shot in the PC ring.

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