Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Art Thursdays: Mohan, Cleric of Pelor

Meet Mohan, wandering cleric - heretical servant of Pelor - the Sun God. Mohan is a pacifist adventurer. That may be the wrong word. He does not oppose violence, he simply abstains from it. He sees his purpose in protecting those who would venture into the dark places of the world, and to retrieve what relics of the faith he can find, to return them to the church.

He travels the free kingdoms seeking out adventurers and mercenary bands that may need a healer or a priest, in return asking only for what share of the spoils the gods make clear are due him - and those provisions the band wishes to purchase that he may serve them better.

Mohan is older than most human adventurers - closing on 60 (he has a long and somewhat dismal past), but there's no system for that in 4e, so I just assumed his faith in Pelor, and his unswerving dedication to his vows give him vigor unknown to other men his age.

This is the character I'd like to play in the next 4e D&D game we put together (or any D&D game, really).

One thing I've found that I like about 4th edition - it not only makes this possible, but he even manages to be a useful, contributing member of the party. Who might not get squushed.

More Mohan tomorrow.

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