Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grand Designs

So I've got this blog, right? It sits here, out in cyberspace; declaring to the world all sorts of things I'm not entirely comfortable with. And I'm not referring to the content, but to what's not in it.

When I first started this thing, I had such grand designs. I always have such grand designs. That, maybe, is my problem. I get an idea in my head, and it's so big – so wonderful – I have to work on it, I have to make it happen. Almost always to the exclusion of all the big, wonderful ideas that have come before it; but I do work on these things. A lot. It's sort of my hobby; creating shit.

So I have - in my hard drive, written (and drawn) on reams of paper, and floating around my mess of a room on napkins and cardboard and filling who knows how many cds – a veritable copper mine of art, fiction, and gaming material. All of it's “unfinished,” but it's also what you would call, works in progress.

I'd like to start making some of that progress. And because I'm always trying to work an angle, I'd also like to begin putting that work here, where it might generate page impressions and maybe bring my AdSense revenue up over a hundred dollars so I can make a little dough.

So I'm changing the direction of this blog. Or, rather, I'm refining it. I'm turning it into my gaming blog; where I intend to publish every campaign world, every NPC, every game note for – well, not every, but – a great many of my ongoing gaming projects. For the four of you who read my blog, let me know if one of these interests you more than the others, and I'll work more on that game until one of the others (or, Cthulhu eat my soul – something new) captures my imagination.

Here's a not-so-short list of the material I feel belongs here:

167 Subscribers (World of Darkness horror on YouTube).

Balefire (The Zombie Apocalypse in the World of Darkness - from another angle).

Clone (A series of Star Wars d6 Adventures concerning a squad of Troopers declared MIA toward the end of the Clone Wars – not sure if this can be translated into SAGA, but willing to try).

Coruscant Rising (A Closer look at Imperial City for any System and Game Notes for a Star Wars d6 Campaign that explores the Rebellion in the shadow of the Emperor himself [perhaps with SAGA Edition Conversions as well).

Council of Wyrms (Mutants & Masterminds. Dragons in the Modern Age).

Eternal Sun (a D&D4e Campaign Setting & a Campaign in which that setting is overrun with a terrible plague of Undead).

First Year (Mutants & Masterminds in the foremost School of Witchcraft & Wizardry).

Gamma World: Los Augustine (Setting and Adventures on the Last Coast)

Hunter's Moon (Gurps Paleolithic Fantasy).

Man's Reach (Lovecraft in Spaaaaaace! - and Gurps).

Quantum Jack (Originally d20 Modern, but probably better suited for World of Darkness. I may post both. Your name is Jack Logan. You've been ripped out of your reality and brought to this one by an evil mastermind who happens to be named Jack Logan. As it turns out, Jack Logan is kind of a dick in most of the multiverse; and now you're all here and it's up to you to stop them, er, yourself).

Tales of Adventure (a D&D4e Campaign based on conversions of some of the top 30 adventure modules of all time (of all time!).

Urge (Originally written for D&D4e but easily [and logically] converted to Star Wars SAGA, Urge follows a war-torn tribe of Sandpeople as they try to rebuild and survive their pilgrimage across the Dune Sea).

Where Liberty Dwells (Gurps Spies and Soldiers in American Revolution).

World's End (Just what happens to all those missing ships and planes and civilizations? My take on the Bermuda Triangle – Gurps, but I think something similar has been done in one of their splatbooks. I'll have to look).

In addition to all this mess, I'll also be blogging about gaming, discussing (even if only one-sided) the pros and cons of different systems, and writing short pieces about the continuing adventures of the Saint Augustine Flaming Dragons of Death, as well as the odd bit of raw fiction (when I get a wild hair up my ass). Also, some of (a lot of?) this material will be cross-posted to Obsidian Portal; but I'm unsure about advertising there, and I am a greedy bastard, so we'll see.

And if you're one of the illustrious and want me to run one of these that I haven't, let me know and I'll get on that.

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