Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Shame of Publication - Part One: The Monkey.

I actually downloaded a copy of the "final version" of Chaucer, and read through it - paranoid that all my editing and reworking of certain passages had still left a half-complete mess of a fan-fic-style slobber on the face of digital publishing.

Ugh.  If this is the kind of shit I'm gonna put out, maybe it'd be better if I didn't make it as an author.  I knew the second that I'd hit the "Publish" button that I hated the ending.  I wished like hell that Chaucer... that the apes at EPRF were..  well, I didn't like the ending is all.

I'm not gonna change it.  I'm gonna go back and edit it (again - sigh... lesson learned; third party editing) but I'm done changing the story.

Now I just need to get outta work while I'm jazzed to write something, and maybe that book can be done before I turn 900.


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