Thursday, March 21, 2013

Athlandis (Pencils)

Teenage Queens of the Universe.
The planetary capitol of Aio - abandoned now for uncounted millennia.  Not even the Grelaus archeologists who brought the Human Remnant to Aio know how the architecture has remained so well preserved through eons of neglect.
Pencils only.  This was going to be a little picture, just for posting here, and I kinda' went nuts with it.  I'm not even sure what it looks like on your end (I used my phone's scanner app; and I've never done that with pencils).


John said...

I want to play in this world!

Dj Wright said...

You kind of have. Teenage Queens of the Universe (which you'll hopefully see more of here as I flesh it out) is a total ripoff of a game I ran a while back. Aliens claiming to be the creators of the human race kinap 144, 000 humans and put them to work on the planet Aio, which turns out to be the birthplace of mankind - hijinks ensue. Also, there was a little fat alien monk guy.

We never got to really explore that universe, so I'm turning it into a pulp-action web comic about a group of teenagers lost in the expanse of space trying to come to grips with who they are - and who they can become. Also, there is a platypus.

Dj Wright said...

I'm probably going to publish the game world materisl for GURPs or Risus or both as I create (and publish) the comic.


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