Saturday, March 30, 2013

B-Movie Comic

First, I promise, I'm not only linking to comics with a Star Wars Theme.  It just happened that way this time.

I discovered B-Movie Comic during one of the many days lost to TVTropes (don't go there unless you have time to kill... I did you enough of a favor by not linking to any specific trope - you have been warned and I wash my hands of the whole thing).

I was talking about B-Movie Comic.  It's not one that you can fully understand without starting at the beginning, but it's written well enough that the jokes come across if you haven't, and like almost all good webcomics, the art really has improved (despite not being all that bad in the beginning).

The artists comments below the strip really make for a fun dissection of b-movie art and sometimes comics, the internet, or life in general; and the comic itself is fun for anyone with an appreciation for bad movie-making. I've even gone to watch old movies lampooned in the strip, just because its mention piqued my interesr. Check it out.

If you want to start at the beginning of
Earth vs Uranus Act 3: Assault on Uranus,  that'd be where I started.  Or you can read The Revenge of Rutentuten, which I'm only about half-way through.

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