Monday, April 1, 2013

I Hate Mondays...

But I spent Easter Sunday with the family, and that was nice.  I'm puzzled, thinking about the whole thing - because I don't quite understand why we (by which I mean my family) come together for that holiday.

Don't get me wrong, it was great.  Good food, having a bunch of us together, the whole nine yards - but we're not what you'd call a religious bunch.  I think we might've mentioned The Arch-Lich jesus once, you know - in jest; and no one I know or am related to ever talks about equinoxes or spring festivals.  It's weird.

I guess we get together because its an excuse to do so - and it's tradition, so you'd feel like an asshole if you backed out.  All the times throughout the year when we ought to spend time together and don't, and here are these few holidays when we "have to" so that we can.  I hope I'm conveying this right, because there's something beautiful in that.

I ate too much.  I ate too much and I went off keto - drinking beer and soda and eating candy and all the good shit that comes with Easter dinner.  I weigh 266 lbs.  Which means I gained a bit.

Also, my toothache and headache (both absent since I started keto) were back with a vengeance this morning.  Still not enough evidence that the diet was the key to that, but it sure sucked to qake up this morning with railroad spikes jammed into my skull.

I'm back on the diet and looking forward to the future, but if the headache goes away, you can be damn sure I won't be having another damn cheat day.

Damn my teeth hurt.

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