Thursday, April 4, 2013

TQOTU - The Kritillic Attack

This is the WIP 3rd or 5th page of the Teenage Queens of the Universe webcomic. There's a lot of negative space to be filled in and I need to finish my lines, but here's where I am now. I will finish and post the fully inked page tomorrow.

I'm going to post about a page a week here until I'm confident I will keep the schedule and then move everything over to its own comic-based hosting.

I have no confidence in my ability to tell a story in pictures well. At least, not well enough to carry a comic. My original intent today was to post a page and invite critique, but (while I would still welcome criticism) it occurs to me that I have spent the last forty years waiting until I could draw a perfect page, rather than just fucking getting on with the drawing.

If you're doing this, fucking quit it. I wonder how my art might have grown and matured if I'd just got on with the business of drawing, instead of bellyaching about the shit I didn't like.

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