Tuesday, January 21, 2014

One More Time Again

I can't believe I deleted my content as I was posting it.  To quote the psychotic vigilante, Rorschach, "Hrm."

Did you know that the word "Ewok" was never uttered in the Star Wars films (I mean, except for the Ewok movies)? How did we learn what the teddy bearbarians were called? My guess would be the toys, but I could swear it was (the kid across the street) Sy Ranchero's cousin who clued me in on that.  And I met the kid exactly once in my life... when I was 8 or 10... for like, a half hour.

Part of my job as a tour conductor here in St. Augustine, is knowing a little bit about just about everything here in town. And I'm doing pretty good. I know obscure little facts about a third or more of the historic parts of St. Augustine. I think my grasp of St. Augustine trivia, is fast approaching that of Star Wars.

I remember learning some of this stuff - by which I mean, I remember studying for the job; but I honestly don't know where any of this comes from. When the hell did I learn that Henry Flagler's wife went nuts? When did I learn about the water towers over Flagler College/ the Ponce de Leon Hotel? When did I learn that the story about Johnny Weissmuller training in the Alcazar was bullshit? When did I learn that the 2000 year old persian rug in the Villa Zorayda was cursed?

I have no concrete answer for any of these. I just sort of know them (I've checked against reputable sources, though... I don't want you to think I just make shit up). It's just that I know a lot of what I know about St. Augustine, the way I knew what to call Ewoks; and it weirds me out a bit.

I wanted to start blogging again (trying to get my shit together without burdening you with bellyaching about it - but I wanted to try), and I figured this was as good a way to pick up as any.

Oh... and I watched Men in Black again last night. It still holds up really well, so there's that.


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