Monday, April 14, 2014

I hate Mondays, but...

I have too much shit.  I'm turning into one of those hoarders on TV.  It's time for a culling.

Not my room; but you get the idea.
I was trying to be nice about it too, box up all the stuff I don't need (or might not need) - with the intention of going through it and giving it away... That isn't working.  I've had a big pile of boxes in my room for weeks.

I'm half-tempted to just chuck everything and start from scratch.  I'm going to save the books though; some of the electronics... the artwork (at least until I can scan it and save it somewhere - for... reasons).

I've already broken down my wardrobe to bare essentials (until I get the extra inches off and can buy a new wardrobe (down a total of 6lbs, by the way).  Now I just have to figure out what to do about the rest.


I'ma give myself a deadline; but I don't know what the penalty should be for not accomplishing the goal?  Something embarrassing, surely.

Hmm... can't put it off because I don't know the punishment.  Two days.  Clean Room (with all the extraneous bullshit chucked out) in two days.  Midnight, Wednesday, April 16th.

That is all.

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