Saturday, April 19, 2014

Skyrim: Whispering Fang - The Fall of Helgen

Playing without a HUD is a pain in the neck, because - at least on the console - all the subtitles are blanked out too.  This One can't tell what he is grabbing, or if he is actually grabbing anything.  Also, Whispering Fang can't take anything from anyone's home, because This One cannot tell if he is stealing it or not... That's okay, really - Whispering Fang is supposed to be against that sort of thing.

Fighting was easy, Khajiit get a bonus to unarmed, so Whispering Fang is a badass.  He discovered half-way through Helgen Keep that the limitations on gear were unreasonable... although, now that This One thinks about it, maybe he is just too used to game-logic.  Whispering Fang is going to change the rules back to the strict limits, and quit being such a puss (heh heh).

Made it to Helgen, after fetched the robes from the Shrine of Talos.  Stopped a bunch of bandits around Helgen, helped clean up a love triangle, and decided to help a shopkeeper recover his stolen merchandise.  Whispering Fang heads up to Bleak Falls Barrow at sunrise.

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