Friday, April 18, 2014

Skyrim: Whispering Fang - Introduction

Intending to play Skyrim again.  Gonna role-play a Khajiit Monk named Whispering Fang, who has come to Skyrim quite by accident - that is, he is a pilgrim - like Kwai Chang Caine, traveling Tamriel in an effort to remain out of the hands of Imperial Law, and to do good works.  Whispering Fang is wanted for murder in Cyrodiil, although he is largely innocent.

Here are the rules (edited, because I was severely gimping myself):

  1. Play as a Khajiit.
  2. After escaping Helgen, travel immediately to the Talos Shrine and equip the Monk's Robes and Boots.
  3. No fast travel, other than carts.
  4. Cannot use weapons or magic (other than healing magic).
  5. Although he eschews the use of magic, Whispering Fang is a Scholar, and seeks to collect as many books as possible - he also studies the Magic, although he does not use it.
  6. The HUD will be turned off (if possible) - I'll know my general health and stamina levels by the heavy breathing and heartbeat.
  7. No map other than the one that came with the game, downloaded here:
  8. No waiting, only sleeping - with the exception of adding a sense of realism to crafting, reading, etc...
  9. Sleep at least 6 hours a day - preferably at night.
  10. Eat regularly, at least 1 pound of food every 3-6 hours, ingredients don't count.
  11. Wash Clothes (Monk's Robe & Boots) in rivers, streams and pools regularly, and let them dry out.
  12. Try not to swim in Robes, except in emergencies.
  13. Not going to wear armor, but nothing can be worn that just came off a fallen enemy - it will likely be bloody, dirty and damaged.  Armor and clothing that comes from chests is not likely to fit.  In order to sell such things - if possible - they must be improved at least once, or sold and purchased.  Jewelry need only be cleaned.
  14. "Realistic" carry weights - More than 50 lbs means no running and no power attacks - additionally, no more than One suit of armor can be carried. One of each type of weapon: Two-Handed, One-Handed, Ranged.  No more than 4 holdout weapons like a dagger, and 50 arrows and bolts. If it wouldn't fit in a knapsack, pockets, and belt pouch, it can't be carried except in "pick-up" mode.  No more than 5 of each kind of minor item (any number of ingredients, and any number of gems - they're both a lot smaller than they appear in-game). 50 Septims to a Pound - try to keep and use gems as money.  He can carry one musical instrument of each type over and above this limit.
  15. Reading takes 1 hour of waiting per page of book.  Spellbooks require 1 hour per "level" of study.
  16. Morality:
    1. Avoid Killing Innocents, and never strike the first blow - Whispering Fang always tries to talk his way out of a fight (he's just not very good at it).
    2. Avoid Stealing - Whispering Fang never takes that which is not his to take.
    3. Avoid Sexual Irresponsibility - Not a difficult rule in this game.  Whispering Fang is Celibate.
    4. Avoid Lying or any hurtful speech.
    5. Avoid Alcohol and drugs which diminish clarity of consciousness.
    6. Avoid Frivolous entertainments - Whispering Fang isn't very good at this. He likes the bards of Skyrim, and even seeks to become one.
    7. Avoid Self-Adornment - no jewelry that does not serve a specific purpose.
    8. Always Seek to improve the lives of those around you.
  17. No saving, except to quit the game.  Only Autosaves.

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