Monday, April 20, 2015

WP - 006 - Misunderstood

Every day, I go to "new" page of (I apologize in advance if you were previously unaware of Reddit) where I select the latest prompt - whatever it is - and write it out.  I've decided to post those here.  Hope you enjoy it.  Today's Story is:

[EU] You are a Common street Magician, who has been misunderstood is dragged to Hogwarts against his will.
"What is this, doing here?" I can't see anything. The bag over my head is completely opaque. The voices sound almost cartoonishly evil.
"I caught the filthy creature pretending to do magic." The room erupts in laughter. Someone kicks me in the chest and I fall on my back with the wind knocked out of me. Shit. Shit.
"Filthy muggle wants to pretend its a wizard? Get it to its feet!" I'm stood up by with by a rough, powerful male. Muggle?
"You brought a muggle to Hogwarts!" A second female. This one with a shrill and aggravating voice. What? Hogwarts? Shit.
"Not to worry, Delores," the male by my ear says menacingly. "It won't be alive very long anyhow."
"Take the bag off its head," the first female says. "I want to see its frightened, filthy face!" More laughter and the bag is ripped from my head. The woman is a brutish looking redhead in black robes. The smile on her face twists in into a sneer when she sees me. "Thought you could just pretend to be a wizard, and no one would notice?"
This is ridiculous. The man beside me shoves me to my knees in front of the woman. Turning to look at him, I see him to be a hunched, doughy thug. Not dissimilar to the woman. He points his wand at me and shouts, "Crucio!"
Ten-Thousand fire ants crawl through my veins, biting as they go, their acid venom snaking its way through my body. Wrapped in barbed wire that tightens and constricts with every convulsion, I kick and scream against my bonds, which - mercifully - are not tied well, and break.
When the curse subsides, I am lying on my back. Between the two. "Who said you could look at me, muggle?"
The second woman is standing off to the left. She is a squat, pink woman in gaudy, pink clothes. She is smirking at me; but my hands are free.
"Silencio!" It takes a lot of will without my wand; but I feel the magic work through me. Every muscle, and joint aches with the remnants of the Cruciatus Curse flowing in them; but I roll to the side and throw a "Stupefy!" at the redhead. My roll brings me close enough to the woman to knock her from her feet with a leg sweep. "Accio Wand!"
I try to hold my concentration, but the two who can are moving quickly. "Finite," I hear the man cast. "Avada-" A well placed strike to the throat knocks the pink woman back a few feet and spares me a terrible death. My wand is a long way away.
"Avada Kedavra!" the man shouts at me, and I only manage to get out of the way of the killing curse by dropping to the ground.
"Levicorpus!" The man is in the air.
"Abracadabra!" I shout, and throw a flashpowder bomb at the woman before she can finish her own curse. She screams and leaps out of the way. The bomb lands behind her and explodes in a brilliant flash of light.
The pink woman gasps on the floor, clutching at her throat. The man tries to cast another killing curse from his position hanging in the air by his ankle. His aim is terrible, thankfully.
"Crucio," the woman yells at me again; but I manage to throw the pink woman in my way. She cries out in agony as I roll away from her.
Sitting up I cast, "Stupefy" again. My power is waning. I duck behind a column, and catch my breath.
I can feel it before it arrives. Oak, nine inches - a single strand of hair from the tail of a unicorn within. I snatch it out of the air and leap out from behind the column. "Protego," I cast to counter the "Expelliarmus" aimed at me by the upside-down wizard. Then respond with a dispelling charm of my own. His wand flies through the air.
Miraculously enough, it flies through the air right toward me. I reach up to grab it, for some reason.
"Avada Kedavra!"
It must be the end of me. As life fades, and my soul leaks out, I am vaguely aware of another Cruciatus cast upon my cooling corpse. And another.
The blackness folds around me, and then light. I am in the Floo Hall at the Ministry. Everything is white, though - too white.
"Where am I?"
"I'm afraid," someone says behind me, "that it is over."
"Dumbledore?" I turn to face the old headmaster. "What are you do- You died."
"So did you, David."
"Ah." I sit down on a bench. "I was battling a trio of wizards at Hogwarts."
"Yes," the old wizard sits beside me. "I would guess that is why your subconscious summoned this visage of me to offer you comfort and guidance on this next, great journey."
"But there are Death Eaters at Hogwarts!" I didn't know things were so dire. If I had, I would've come in. I would've helped.
"Your job was not to protect Wizards, but to look after muggles. If you joined the fight, you may have made a difference, or you might not have. How many did you save by operating in secret."
"If you're a construct of my subconscious, then you're just me telling me what I want to hear."
"Most likely."
"Well," I look around. "Is this it then? Is this the afterlife?"
"No. Just a Floo Network." He motions to a grand fireplace I've never seen before. Of course not. The wizard beside me chuckles. Together we walk over to the fire.
"There's no floo powder." He just looks at me incredulously. "What do I say?" He smiles and disapparates. Of course. I step into the flame, and I am cleansed. It is over.
But it is not the end of me.

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