Friday, April 21, 2017

The Sad Tale of Rando Sandyman

He was trampled by a cow and he died. The moral of the story is that you shouldn't second guess yourself. If you want to go on an adventure, like the big folk or the elves, you might as well go, because the world is a dangerous place and hiding in your hobbit hole doesn't guarantee your gonna live a long life.

Played my first game of The One Ring tonight. I mean - maybe the second night, if you count character creation; but this was the first story night.

I'm playing the hobbit in the party, Poppy Noakes, a sort of minstrel / storyteller stricken with wanderlust and cursed by the Bilbo's tales to set out from the Shire to write stories and songs of her own.

Our tale takes place five years after the Battle of Five Armies. The rest of the party was a pair of elves (one from Mirkwood and the other from Rivendale), and a Dwarf of the Lonely Mountain. It was a lot of fun.

We didn't even really get together as a party - though we spent most of the evening in the same tavern in Priestly, south of Esgaroth. The dwarf and I had hit it off right away, but the elves were elves. I got to hear a good story from a group of drunken dwarves, and then I told a story of my own and went to bed.

Then the town got raided by orcs. Damn orcs.

Might be down primarily to the GM; but five hours of gaming and only one fight (at the end of the night). It was fun.

I might have said that already.

I liked the character creation system - getting little racial bonuses and picking from a set of "class" features to customize your character. I liked the sort of free-form combat system (being very good at song, I spent a good portion of our short fight rallying the troops so they wouldn't be so beat up). I did sort of wish my dice pools were bigger; but I almost always wish that unless I'm playing Shadowrun. I did like the Feat die with its Gandalf Rune and the Eye of Sauron.

I rolled a lot of really low numbers on several dice rolls (it was slightly frustrating) - and I think everyone was right when they said combat in this system is deadly (though I think the GM let our Weary characters recover from being Weary whenever I used Rally to increase their Endurance - that might've been against the rules).

Who's side are you on?

I had to actually tell the story my character told to win over the dwarves I'd been drinking with at the Galloping Gelder; but the soup was hot and the room was massive! Actually, it was regular sized, but all the furnishings were hobbit-sized so it made it seem like a mansion.

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